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Trina and Minami by Minami-Kousaka
Trina and Minami
I'm sorry for not showing up to the Internets until now, so Trill-kun, I hope you like this one since I have the weirdest urge to ship Minami-chan with your cool and sexy Rule 63 self and the fact that you like two girls kissing or something. ;)


:icontrilljacker6534::iconminami-kousaka: - For our OCs.
:iconrinmaru: - For the latest Manga Creator game.
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Minamo Kousaka by Minami-Kousaka
Minamo Kousaka
Here comes Minamo-kun in their cute child and sexy older teen form.

Also, Happy April Fools Day!


:iconminami-kousaka: - For my R63 OC.
The park background belongs to K's Factory.
Minami Kousaka by Minami-Kousaka
Minami Kousaka
A follow-up to my old post as made by the Anime Character Generator.

P.S. Minami-chan's boobs are big in this one.


:iconminami-kousaka: - For my OC.
Pretty Pixie AU - Minami Kousaka by Minami-Kousaka
Pretty Pixie AU - Minami Kousaka
I know it's kinda late, but...

Here's a Pretty Pixie versh of Minami-chan for you, then bedtime.


:iconminami-kousaka: - For my OC.
:iconazaleasdolls: - For the new Pretty Pixie Dress-Up Game.
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I just can't help it. My mom and my sister are hurting me, abusing me, and even wished me dead. I hate my mom so much that she said I'm useless, I'm a mistake, and will even kill me by stabbing me with a knife. I just can't do it. I just can't wait to commit suicide that I don't care if everyone will cry over me in a pool of my own blood mixed with my own menstrual blood. If I were to go out and get lost in a while, that's fine, but if I ever get killed, kidnapped, or worse, raped, it's what I deserve. Why would my own mother make like a bully and call me useless? Why would she ever throw me out of the house for good? Why would she ever send me to an abandoned warehouse, all tied up, just to be killed like I'm some sacrifice?

Is it because she uses my Autism as some sort of curse? If I ever went to some goddamn SPED school, that's okay, but if I ever received some shock therapy, it's what I deserve, too! I'm so sorry everyone, but suicide is the only way to end my suffering and despair.

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Franz Charlemagne M. Agustin
Artist | Student | Varied
Hello, there!

Welcome to my Profile Page!

My pen name is Minami Kousaka (高坂 南). You may refer to me as Minami, or :iconminami-kousaka:.

I am an avid artist. I like to make and pictures and would like to post my drawings someday.

Most people, including Keima Katsuragi, told me so. But that's all they ever told me and that I have the mind of a Fangirl and a Capturing Lady (or Otoshi Lady/落としレディー).

A few things about me:

1. Don't know about you, but I seem to be 18 in my late teens.
2. I am a fan of many, many fandoms.
3. Please call me Minami, Minami-kun, Minami-chan, Minami-sama, Minami-ssi, or whatever the heck that was. (ONLY the people in real life call me Franz!)
4. I seem to speak English, Japanese, Korean, Tagalog, French, and sometimes the occasional languages such as Spanish and Italian.
5. I enjoy everything from art to K-Pop.
6. I never give a damn for who I am 'cause I know what was missing in store for you. Plus, I'm autistic if you know what I mean.
7. I also love meeting new people and enjoy making new friends. Plus, I'm really learning to try something new.
8. I seem to have a huge harem of more than just eight gorgeous Captured Targets.
9. I'm Filipina.
10. If only I had a drawing fuel, I can do it better.
11. Chances are, I'm much more of a pervert than you think that I am. Unless you mistake me or my OC for Zone-tan or two, she has no relations to her at all.
12. I enjoy stuff that makes me happy.

Things I would do if I had the chance:

- Try something new.
- Watch any movie that I never watched in my Fangirl Life before, like a Korean movie like A Bittersweet Life or a new movie like Disney's Frozen.
- Draw T.O.M. of Toonami like one of my Korean Boys and Kirito like one of my Dreamworks Boys.
- Cosplay as any character once I lose weight.
- Draw any character that I want to draw.
- Write every story that I have in mind, even if I'm not that kinda good at writing stories and stuff.
- Meet my cyberfriends in person.
- Learn how to draw different art styles.
- Meet important people and then, not pass out from excitement.
- Learn animation.
- Write song lyrics.
- Fantasize about such stuff, even though most of them are erotically sexy it will make it hard for me to wake up on a school day.

That's all, my beautiful friends!

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